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Ban Krut Beach - Thailand

 budha statue at ban krut beach - prachuap khiri khan

Wander down the coast of Prachuap Khiri Khan, past Hua Hin and Prachuap town, and you may start noticing quiet beaches with clean water flanked by what seems like endless groves of coconut palms.

Maybe the best of all the beaches in Prachuap is a lovely run of sand that stretches for kilometer after kilometer, interrupted only by a green mountain with a beautiful temple and a great Golden Buddha gazing serenly out across the Gulf of Thailand.

If you see that Golden Buddha, you have found Ban Krut.

What's more, you have found a place with little to do but enjoy the blue skies, clean air, quiet villages and the most enjoyable beaches on the Gulf of Thailand. An occasional fishing boat will liven up the beach a little and the birds will serenade you for a good part of the day.

Beaches that stretch from Baan Krud south to Bang Saphan and north to Thapsakae vary from quiet to deserted. Some are primitive beaches with no development for kilometers, yet are easily accessible with a motorbike.

Does Ban Krood have accommodations? It sure does! The area has undergone a boom, with guest houses, mid range bunglows and resorts.

Ban Krut also has a lot of something the islands have very little of. The real Thailand. It's all around. The markets, the people, the nearby attractions.

So if you're tired of the party scene, or you have a young family, come have a look at Ban Krut.

Come for a night .. stay for a month!

Ban Krut Beach Panarama

View from the temple area, south along the coast

Note: We spell Ban Krood many different ways so the search engines can find our page. We have seen it transliterated with a combination of all the following. Ban / Baan Krut / Grood / Krud / Kruit / Krood.