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About Ban Krut in Thongchai

ban krut beach - prachuap khiri khan - thailand - beaches in thailand beach Ban Krut is where I live.

But now I have moved.

And now I have moved away from Ban Krut. Life has a funny way of compelling our travels. Love has an even more profound effect. I still have a fondness for that stretch of paradise and shall, although feeble as my efforts be, try to keep this site reasonably accurate. Will I succeed? Probably not. But if you have some updates to share -- please contact me!

Ban Krut and Thongchai are indecently hospitable places with clean air and nice people. I have yet to experience crime, or even overt rudeness from the local folks -- nor have I seen any double-pricing .

Actually, I haven't even found a very good excuse to use my awesome negotiating skills at the market. I mean, how much do you "offer" for a Bt 10 plastic bag of curry .. or a Bt 5 bunch of bananas?

People here don't smile so quickly and may not resemble models in a TAT commercial. But when they smile -- it is genuine. I walk the beaches often. Usually, I'm alone save an occasional resort employee cleaning up the beach -- or a fisherman working on his boat.

I always enjoy the fishermen. They are quite adept at pretending to understand my fractured Thai, and even more so at keeping a straight face when I pretend to understand what they say to me.

Even the kids are friendly. Well, at least from a respectable distance.

ban krut beach - prachuap khiri khan - thailand - beaches in thailand beach Life is tough here! (see photo of our high tech "development center" on the right). And the responsibility of creating these scintillating, cutting-edge web pages is a tremendous burden!

But I believe I was born to do it.

This site is mainly my way of thanking the people of this area for being the kind of people they are -- and I expect to make tons of money as well.

I'm not sure the locals have "accepted" me. Only time will tell. But that isn't so important.

One day, as surely as the big foreign bird lands in Bangkok, this area will succumb to flocks of tourists and $$$ -- and it will change. So I recommend that you visit Ban Krut before that happens. Come here during the week. That's when it's quiet -- and accommodations are considerably cheaper as well!

We might even let you hang out in the employee lounge.

To contact us, remove all the spaces and send to dejaww at gmail dot com

In the mean-time -- eat your heart out! :)

ban krut beach - prachuap khiri khan - thailand - beaches in thailand beach

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